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Global Strategy Services - GSS ®


Global Strategy Services - GSS®

«The Essence of Strategy is  Knowing what Not to Do.»  
- Michael E. Porter

What is the value of knowing what to do and what not to do? 


Global Strategy Services - GSS®

Executives often need to take long-lasting decisions and often carry the full responsibility - alone.

And furthermore, they need a trusted advisor - an advisor who is more impartial than their peers, subordinates and board members.

Otherwise senior executives feel lonely, although they need to develop strategies,  test ideas and need to steer increasingly complex organisations.

And in the age of Digital Transformation, nothing stays as it was - clients change, markets change, suppliers change, locations change - except one thing: the need for profitable revenues.

What is the value of knowing what to do and what not to do?

Your trusted advisor of senior executives answers you questions such as:

  • How do I grow revenues?

  • Where can I cut costs?

  • What should I focus on?

  • How should the organisation look like?

  • How can I reduce risks?

  • What are my priorities?

vonGammCom Global offers this strategic advisory service as key component of our offering - combined with our value based system. Based upon broad international and multicultural experiences, we can provide advice that changes direction and gives you hold in an ever-increasing complex world.

„Good strategies start with massive amounts of quantitative analysis, hard, difficult analysis that is blended with wisdom, insight and risk taking. Truly great companies lay out strategies that are believable and executable. Good strategies are long on detail and short on vision.”

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. former CEO of IBM Corp.

"The vonGammCom Global differentiators - Experience, Execution and "Plan B""

Strategy is defined as “the match an organisation makes between its internal resources and skills and the opportunities and risks created by its external environment.” Strategy then necessary carries out the goal from coming where a company is currently positioned to where and what it wants to be.. Strategy describes the way how to achieve a certain goal and not the goal itself, as people often confound.

They are three key differentiators at vonGammCom Global - The first difference at vonGammCom Global stems from the experience in the area of Information Technology, High-Tech, Telecoms and IT for Banking. This is where we have credentials and where we are convinced to add value.

The second and equally important differentiator is the vonGammCom Global focus to execution — by engaging us to develop with you a new strategy we are committed to transfer the knowledge on how to execute back to you as a client. Lastly, vonGammCom Global has a breadth of experience to prepare  "Plan B" situations - situations where normal advisory firms are usually incapable of giving strategic advice.

The Five Step Methodology - TFSM® - A Formula to Transform Strategy Into Execution

The vonGammCom Global Institute for Change provides you a proven Five-Step Methodology to redefine and implement strategic change. We are  enabling organisations to make more out of their current resources and capabilities.

In the strategy advisory process vonGammCom Global employs a single-integrating framework which has proven to be successful about the practical implications of this theory.

  • Step 1: Initial Client briefing - here, we discuss your strategic ambitions. We want to understand where you want to go - and then we recognize where you are. In the following steps, we figure out, what and how long it takes and whom you should carry along with.

  • Step 2: We perform the identification and classification based on the firm’s resources and the appraisal of strengths and weaknesses relative to competition. We identify opportunities for a better utilisation of the resources. We develop and identify your key capabilities. Capabilities are defined by the utilization of its resources, and merely spoken, more effectively than its competitors. At this point, it should be noted that the resources inputs to the capabilities are required and then the complexity of each capability. Finding new capabilities based on rearranging or re-utilising resources will help you  to find new business opportunities - this is the perennial part of the process.  

  • Step 3: We work out your true rent generating model for competitive advantage and present options of pursuit: Here, the resources capabilities of a company should be considered  in order to provide sustainable competitive advantage and the appropriateness. We then see how you can go from your current state to a more richer and resource-optimized state in your strategy. You will get the outcome that generates you the rents you desire.

  • Step 4: Here, we at vonGammCom work together with you   selecting a strategy that best exploits the client's resources and capabilities, relative to external opportunities. Consequently, we prepare a joint execution plan to execute on this strategy. A strategy only lives from its  execution.

  • Step 5: We provide ongoing coaching and adjustment. To close the loop, we  investigate resource gaps and perform on-going coaching and adjustment. These resource gaps need to be filled in order to achieve superior competitive advantage. The firm needs to invest into replenishing, augmenting and upgrading the resource gaps.

We recommend checkmarks to execute the following key points:

  • Know the people and the business.

  • Insist on realism in strategy definition.

  • Set clear goals, checkmarks and priorities.

  • Follow through your plans, execute and follow-up on your defined steps.

  • Reward the doers, not the sayers.

  • Expand people’s capabilities.

  • Know yourself.

We are strongly convinced that "make it happen" is a quality that can be supported by our advisory services and is of great benefit for your organisation.

Strategic Choices

Anything is possible in the ideal world. However, this is not the reality of today’s lives. We have to make trade-offs, money does not fall from the trees, and scarce resources like people are not available indefinitely. This why strategy is a focus on making choices.

  • Cost versus Growth—Is both possible? vonGammCom has often realised in its engagements that both cis possible, even a cost focus will generate more growth in order to catalyse for success. Often, just by reducing the slack and the red tape out of a system, growth potential can be ignited. Nevertheless, this strategic duo has to be implemented with care, as people have to understand where the company is heading.

  • New services or new clients? Finding new clients often seems to be appealing and there is the saying “the grass is greener on the other side”. Definitely we understand that imperative, however—staying with a client and making this client more happy is eight times more rewarding than chasing after new clients. We therefore suggest to first look at what you can do inside - by improving your new services and see how they serve your existing clients, better.

  • Services versus products - Both have its advantages and we see product companies going into services and services companies which want to “productize “their services as much as possible. At vonGammCom we develop together with you the ideal mix for your future endeavours.

  • Large versus Small -  Large is interesting but also risky. Small can be less risky but not profitable. So the choice is  about finding the right balance for your business. Maybe you start with a big innovative solution and then surround it with small replicas or you start small and have the big picture in mind and expand from a small frame of reference.

Strategy is about choice  and executing on it —what to leave, where to go and then  going there. The choice is determined by surrounding variables.

The Execution Difference

Many strategies fail to  gap between promises that have been made and results the organisation has delivered. Often we hear that there is a problem with accountability, people are not doing the things they are supposed to do to implement the strategic plan. They desperately want to make changes but dont know how to.. Strategy and Execution go hand in hand. Execution is more than just the simple fact of “getting things done”, it comprises a specific set of behaviours and techniques that companies need to master in order to have a competitive advantage.

Therefore, we are determined to make sure that your strategy is also designed to happen. We design strategies that serve more as road maps than rigid paths that are then only enshrined in fat planning books. The way you use your maps, you can respond quickly when the unexpected happens, because your Strategy is designed to execute.

Every great leader has an instinct for execution. He said: “Unless I can make this plan happen, it wont matter.” Judging from our observations, a high proportion of those who actually rise to the top of a business organisation made their mark—their personal “brand” — as high level thinkers.

Fees and Compensation method

On this engagement, we do charge clients on the value the strategy provides and on the initial effort on an individual contract base.

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