Negotiating with Business Terrorists 

28 and 29 Aug, 2014 - Munich


28th and 29th August 2014
@vonGammCom Global Headquarters

"Business Terrorists" are a species that appear increasingly in tough times - they happen to be in purchasing departments, in some line of businesses and often also work as intermediaries or advisors. They work with everything in order to squeeze margins or try to negotiate a better price. 

This workshop is aimed at the sophisticated negotiator who already has experienced a series of negotiations and has already closed several large deals in the area of 30mln€ plus.

Key workshop features: 
  • A two day workshop in Munich with like-minded individuals who want to have a leading edge in negotiation strategy and tactics.
  • Learn from the best. 
  • Negotiation techniques where you need it - business, contract negotiation, personal negotiation - everywhere. 
  • You improve in small groups and practice orientated your negotiation skills.

Your Advantages:
  • We start where you already are - a seasoned and experienced negotiator who knows that negotiation techniques are evolving and constantly need a refreshing.
  • We show you techniques that usually are powers reserved to terrorist negotiators and special psychological forces.
  • We work with you on the things that matter to you - this is why we do in advance interviews for this workshop.
  • Easy to come and visit in the heart of Munich, next to famous hotels, Biergarten and easy to reach by train, car and from the airport.

Benefits of the workshop:
  • You learn and experience in live simulations on how to deal with difficult clients who work as tough negotiators, work to deal with methods below the "belt-line" and in intercultural situations you might be unfamiliar with.
  • You can carry along your personal negotiation situation and can get it resolved.
  • You can develop a toolset that works even if your organisation behind you has a gap you have to bridge.
  • You can use the negotiation techniques learned in all situations of everyday life to have a better outcome out of even difficult situations - more business, a higher salary, a better personal situation. 


Thursday, 28th August: 

until 9:30     Arrival
10:00 -     Start and Welcome: Dr. Christoph von Gamm
10:30 -     Introduction of participants - Depicting the personal Negotiation Situation
11:30 -     Negotiation and Transactions - The Harvard Negotiation Principle
14:00 -     Ethics in Negotiation - Being ethical whilst the others aren't. Why?
15:00 -     First Role Play Exercise - A tough negotiator
16:00 -     Anatomy of a Business Terrorist: Where are they, what do they do?
17:00 -     Second Role Play Exercise - The Reverse Auction
18:30 -     Refreshment at the Biergarten, first evening talks

Friday, 29th August: 

09:00 -     Unblocking the Margin squeeze - Value selling - how can this come? 
10:00 -     Integrative Negotiation - how does this work 
10:30 -     Third Role Play Exercise - Dealing with Angry Clients
11:30 -     How to make a deal work - Political, Rational and Emotional
12:30 -     Italian Lunch - Negotiating with the Mafia
14:00 -     Perception, Cognition and Emotion - How to trigger new behaviour 
15:00 -     Usage of NLP Techniques in Negotiations
16:00 -     Intercultural differences in Negotiations - Negotiations with Chinese, Indians and Israelis. 

The seminar leader:

Dr. Christoph von Gamm, CEO of vonGammCom Global is an experienced lead negotiator for Multimillion and Billion Dollar deals. His key credentials are in turning around difficult situations, negotiating winning deals and finding and coaching executives who are poised to win. 

Besides his consultancy and executive search work, he holds lectures on Negotiation, Sales and Purchasing Management and Business Policy and Strategy at the European University Business School in Munich. 

Maximum number of seats: 10 persons.


English - because most Business Terrorists speak English 

Your investment: 

  • € 4000,- plus VAT (19%), for the seminar including refreshments, Lunch and Dinner
  • Two days in Munich
  • One day of preparation time on-line and via telephone.

Your return: 

  • added skill to negotiate on higher margins, more profits, more comfort
  • more security in negotiating.

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