New Video: Introducing the vonGammCom Global Institute for Change

posted 1 Oct 2014, 02:36 by Unknown user

Oct 1st, 2014 - Welcome to the vonGammCom Global Institute for Change.  

The vonGammCom Global Institute for Change is an executive search and strategy consulting firm focusing in the outsourcing and sales optimisation area.  We have been founded in Zurich in the year of 2012 and are now operating from Munich, Bavaria Germany on a global scale.  We work with national, international, and global organizations all over the world.  Our clients include leaders in public services, banking, telecommunications, healthcare, media, manufacturing, and strategic consulting. Our mission is to help create results driven, sustainable organizations by putting people first—to create best places to work. So, why vonGammCom Global?

What are we doing? vonGammCom Global helps companies to grow their profits really fast by  helping them to sell to bigger companies much larger and more profitable orders  and reduce their cost of services through intelligent and smart strategies they can execute and by finding the right leaders and executive talent that they can hire We are, above all, a services company, which means that we will enable our clients to have a better life.

Why do people decide to hire vonGammCom Global? vonGammCom Global has the experience in that matter and has helped lots of companies do this before, so we are really good at it.

Why don't the companies do it themselves? Because we at vonGammCom Global know what we are doing and this is what we do best. We know how you can increase revenues, reduce costs and find the right executive talent, because we have a proven track record in doing so.