Know how: How to make real relationships on Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing

posted 3 Feb 2016, 02:57 by Christoph von Gamm   [ updated 6 Dec 2016, 08:22 ]
Munich, 8 April 2016 - - Do you network on-line using LinkedIn or XING or even Facebook? I do. And it proves to be successful. However, there are people who are abusing your trust and try to deceive you and then use your details in order to get your contact addresses or also try to simply steal your identity. 

So, just accepting an unknown contact for me is an absolute No-No. 

However, there is a benefit in finding new people, and the best is by asking questions. 

One way of asking questions is simply speaking: Asking who are you, and why should we engage as a contact - it is just the normal way, everybody would be doing if they engage in a new business engagement. 

Here's my trick that provides a good return and gets straight to the point: 

This is what you might use on LinkedIn

Your contact request - what’s next?

Subject: Your contact request - what’s next?
Hi [enter first name] 
Thanks for your contact request, I appreciate. However: Where do we go from here?
I am not clear on why you have chosen to connect with me. On the other hand, I have chosen to concentrate on LinkedIn as my primary personal marketing strategy, and as such, only request connection with those individuals & companies where I have identified some level of synergy or common outlook & goals.
May I suggest a call or an informal meeting, over the next week or so, to explore potential, mutual future opportunities?
Why don’t you contact my office (+49-89-xxxxxx) over the next few days to hopefully arrange a suitable time to meet, perhaps over a coffee (or tea) - or simply just a decent phone conversation.

Kindest regards

[your first name]
+49-89-xxxxxxx / skype:yourskypeid

What you can use with Facebook is something more informal - but still quite effective. 

Facebook Friendship Validation

Facebook Connection English

Hello [enter recepients first name]

Thanks for the friendship request, I appreciate. 

Since I have the habit to talk with people I do know, I'd like to understand a bit of yourself and the nature of your friendship request. It would be great to understand what leads you to me and what we should to to deepen our friendship.

I look forward hearing from you, 

Thanks and kindest regards

[your Firstname] 

Please try it out and leave your comments below. 

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