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How much worth to you is your next growth business?

Its all about: Winning Big Deals

In the age of Digital Transformation, nothing stays as it was - clients change, markets change, the size and shape of deals change - except one thing that stays: the need for profitable revenues.

Winning big deals is not about rigid adherence to a sales process. Winning big deals is about being able to present powerful solutions underwritten by hard-hitting differentiators - presented by articulate people that your client wants to work with.

Key for winning deals is to combine the rational elements of a deal with the political environment and the emotional part. We estimate that our Big Deal Services can improve your close rate by 15 percentage points.

Political, Rational and Emotional Elements in a Deal

Did you know that a perfume has three core elements: the head-note, the heart-note and the foot note. A good deal has three main elements in order to be bought - the political, rational and the emotional part.

We often see companies fail at one of those elements: the political play (Why choose this company?), the rational play (What's essentially in the deal?) or the emotional play (Do the teams like each other, can they trust each other?). At vonGammCom we make sure that all of those elements are considered at the right time:

  • Political: Do you have the right boardroom focus? Does your client decision making board know you as a company? Is it “politcally correct” to buy from you? And if so, is it an appropriate decision to look into? How can you improve?

  • Rational: Look into the deal contents and the deal essentials. What is core, what is non-core of the deal, and what are the associated costs? Even here, many sales teams don‘t know their own essence of the total product and service package. As a result, they are unable to sell or sell under their capabilities.

  • Emotional: Are you liked as individual and as personalities? Do you like the deal counterparty as persons? Can you transport excitement,  “love and affection” to  purchase decision? Is your client aspiring to want to have you and your product/service package? Would your client defend you even if things go tough, just because he has an emotional bound being established with you?

Using our Big Deal Coaching Services, we make sure that those three elements - political, rational and emotional - are well balanced and in synch to each other. They symbolize the three key notes of a perfume - the heart note (emotional), the head note (rational) and the foot note (political).

The balance and the interaction of those three elements will  exponentially grow your chances of success.

Key Facts

  • 92% of all initially projected deals are getting cancelled or lost from an individual service provider‘s perspective.

  • The Business Development (BD) costs in outsourcing service projects have increased from an average 1.5% to 3.8% within the last six years.

  • An increase of the win rate from 8% to 25% reduces the approportioned Business Development costs to less than a third.

  • To reduce business development costs it is not about being thrifty in individual engagements, but rather about industrialisation of offerings, selectiveness in choosing the right battles and professionalism of the team.

The vonGammCom Global differentiators - Experience and Execution

The vonGammCom Global Institute for Change provides a client a proven Five-Step Methodology to redefine and implement strategic change. This enables organizations to make more out of your current resources and capabilities.

This method has been developed in adjunction to the Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Board MSSSB and has been widely successful in providing a structured approach in Sales Management. It has been further refined by Dr. von Gamm in order to provide supreme performance in selling.

Sales Performance Management Method ®

vonGammCom utilizes its proprietary SPM (Sales Performance Management) methodology to help your team  to understand that each of the four “Intellects” defined in Method Teaming  are influencing their buying decisions in a fundamentally different way.

An orals team—this is the team that presents—must understand who they are selling to and what are the buying decisions criterias for the clients. This team must be well trained and prepared to excel, like an actors‘ team in a Broadway theatre. vonGammCom works together with movie producers to get your story to scene - by leveraging this partnership we can script you a theater play that lets work your team as professionally as actors in a movie or theater production in front of the client.

Situation: There are many mistakes you can make in the sales cycle of big and/or strategic deals: These losses usually result from lack of a well-defined, well-articulated win strategy and the lack of powerfully positioned differentiators. And to make it worse, these differentiators are then often buried in the body of our written proposal or orals; consequently, many companies tend to make it extremely difficult for prospective customers to understand what truly makes the difference.This is what we at vonGammCom will change for you first. We make sure that you have this well-defined and clearly articulated win strategy present, at hand and in the mind of your sales team and that your differentiators are known, outspoken and recognised by the client!

Complication: Many individuals assigned to a sales team have an engineering or “how” mentality. They think in terms of how to put a solution in place that will get the client from point A to point B. Knowing how to implement this solution is the key to our ability to execute the engagement in order to win.  However; these individuals who are driving a sales process, they tend to sell the methodologies or techniques, in other words, the “hows”. The problem with this is that the client is buying results or “what’s”. The client is interested in the “hows” and may ask to see them, but presenting “hows” to the exclusion of power-ful “what’s” usually leads to a loss. Why? All the competitors have methodologies, and it is brutally difficult to prove that your methodology is significantly better than theirs. Collectively, this leads to a weak win strategy and bears “me too” differentiators which only leads to roll-of-the-dice opportunity for a win.

Solution: vonGammCom will eliminate weak win strategies and “me too” differentiators. A great win strategy contains:

1) How do you want the customer to think about your firm and your offering; and

2) How you will defeat your competition.

vonGammCom helps you to craft your win strategy

The Big Deal Buying Cycle: Never lose again on Price!

Unlike other consultancy organisations who consider the sales situation from a client standpoint to be stable, we work on different buyer concerns during a deal phase that will occur alongside the phases of the deal. The deal phases need to be encompassed towards your client in order to be successful at selling:

  • Need determination – In this phase, clients will have an in-depth discussion with advisors and with several select constituents - board members, suppliers - about their needs.

  • Solution Finding – The buying organization aims to fulfil the needs by the right solution tailored for the client. This solution finding is especially being found by evaluating alternatives –  both by reviewing the desired solution as well as again revisiting the catalogue of needs. Usually, this happens in circles, as clients often receive inputs from vendors and then again revisit their needs and look out for a new solution during this buying process.

  • Price/Cost – Initially, price - and from a client’s perspective - cost is playing a certain role is not of key eminence during the selection of alternatives. Clients will revisit their price point completely because they realize that their needs have been overshadowed by a new solution.

  • Risk – The Risk is associated with a discount if it has to be taken or a premium if certain features – like lacking quality, follow-on costs, or lack of brand awareness – need to be taken being taken on by the supplier and encompassed as extra cost. Surprisingly, the risk comes to play at the last phase of the buying cycle and WILL kill a deal, if not managed well by the seller from the start.

vonGammCom Global then will provide you all of the orals coaching - for both packaging the sales content and to improve the presentation delivery. Scientific research tells us that 93% of communication is nonverbal, meaning than the literal meaning of
spoken words at orals.

Deal teams tend to overengineer the content in orals (the 7%), and not devote sufficient preparation and rehearsal around the 93%. vonGammCom will  therefore ensure that your team is prepared,rehearsed and confident.

deal phases.jpg

Trapping your competition:

We create powerful “traps” for your competition in the process of preparing for orals. We believe that some powerful differentiators should be held back from the written proposal under the assumption that this material will be leaked to the competition. And this is why we do things differently!

The Five Step Methodology - TFSM®

  • Step 1: Initial Client briefing - here, we discuss with you as client your strategic ambitions in why you want to win the deal. Often even this is unclear.

  • Step 2: We assess together with you and your team the current deal team and what elements of the deal you want to convey - politically, rationally and emotionally.

  • Step 3: Next, we prepare an action plan. Here, we develop the deal strategy, plans, very tactical timing and deliverables.

  • Step 4: Then we setup the first 90-days execution milestones.

  • Step 5: We provide ongoing coaching and adjustment by Supervising the deal team to make sure you win.

The Five Step Methodology - TFSM® - is your recipe to win!

Fees and Compensation method

On this engagement, we do charge clients by transaction value and on the initial effort on an individual contract base. How much worth is it to you winning a deal at a good and solid profit?

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