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For Candidates: Tools, Hints and Process Information

Tools and Information for Candidates

Dear Candidates

This page is designed for you to make work with vonGammCom Global a pleasant experience and a one-stop shop for your questions. 

Should you have any immediate questions, just call our office at +49-89-7670-2210.

The candidate process

  • Upon contacted by us it is helpful to be prepared from both sides. Therefore, we kindly ask you to submit to us your CV and other materials you deem to be appropriate for us to review and promote your application. 
  • From a process perspective, we kindly suggest you read through our main document to be found on the "Global Executive Search" main page. We use this main document to advertise our approach to our mandates.

Submit CVs:

  • Submit CVs: Please submit your CVs to the consultant in charge, if not known, please send them to
  • Please be aware that there are really big differences in quality of CVs.  And both CVs and coverletter do matter. We at vonGammCom WILL NOT rework your CVs, our expectation is that your CVs is the best you can do. We have seen many CVs that are sub-standard and will outright reject candidates. 
  • f you want to improve your CV, please work with our partner  GetinterviewsCV. They even provide a free CV Review.

Your interview with us is a dialogue

  • Why should anyone be led by you?
  • How have you made your success so far?
  • How do you want to do things with the company in the future?
  • How do you want to apply your lessons learned in the next step of your career path?

Please also think of some good questions we should have to answer for you and what the employer should answer:

  • Questions in terms of terms
  • Expectations in Values
  • Expectations in career
  • Salary Expectations
  • Bonus Expectations
  • How long do you like to stay


Unless indicated otherwise,  interviews find place at our Munich office. See Contact Page for maps and directions. 

Munich Infos:  Foreign visitors might take advantage of visiting the web site of MunichTourism. There you find many good information on what to do whilst being here. A good hint is by the way to have a walk at the Bavaria statue before or after visiting us. 

Expense reimbursement

  • Expenses will be paid as agreed, usually we pay within Germany the Fare price for the train First Class at Tariff Bahncard 50 or 2nd Class Full Fare against receipt of the original train ticket.
  • If you are invited from abroad for an interview or to an interview with a client, our travel agency will arrange for the according accommodation.
  • Extra expenses will be paid accordingly. Unless agreed otherwise, we will NOT pay for rental car or taxi expenses.

Expense payment process:

  • For all travel expenses, please use the Excel sheet attached below, indicating your account details (IBAN), name, project etc. If some of that information is missing you might expect delays and unnecessary queries back.
  • Please post as indicated in the sheet, including all your receipts. If you have small receipts, please stick them on a A4 Paper. Please DO NOT staple the papers together, as we would need to un-staple them when scanning, anyway. 
  • You should expect your expenses being reimbursed within 14 days. 
  • You will receive a payment in EUROS, which your bank then will transfer into your local currency. 
  • If you had expenses in foreign currency other than indicated here, please give us an evidence of the current translation ratio, using a printout of or similar web site. 

Look at this to get your CV fine tuned: