Executive Services Overview

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Executive Services Overview

We are a boutique human capital consultancy firm. We are specializing in senior executive level search and consulting. Finding the right executives is a challenge and requires experience, experience and experience again.  vonGammCom Global specifically performs searches in the areas where have the insight business experience - Consulting, Information Technology and Services, Hightech, Financial Services IT, Telecoms, Media and Corporate Communications. 

Global Executive Search
These working areas are based upon the professional experience of the vonGammCom Global founding partner, Dr. Christoph v. Gamm and his partner network.   

On the surface, our executive search process appears to be generic. However, new clients quickly discover the experience of working with vonGammCom Global to be different.

The key differentiator is that vonGammCom Global knows the business and looks at the character of the person. 

  • First:  Understanding and Knowing your business. Knowing your values, understanding your strategy, making sure the cultural fit is ghere. 
  • Then: Finding the right character and invididual that suits you. A person who will work with you on the right strategy, executes it and also has the right personal accumen to complement your executive team the right way. 
What is The Institute for Change

vonGammCom Global is specialised in IT and Services firms. 

We know the habits and critical success factors  of those companies and understands what both product and services organisations need in terms of talent in order to be really successful. 

Most executive search companies only do the search. However, vonGammCom first looks at the organisational structure and works out together with the sponsoring leader on how an ideal fit and reorganisation of roles and responsibilities might find even better people, if required. 

Often, organisations have been grown and it turns out that the structure is a reason for failure, especially in non-CEO roles.

Executive Assessments
Instead of just looking at a person’s CV and some achievements—the “what’s”, we look at the “how’s” - how this person came to this success and also seek to find out the underlying character traits. Throughout our yearlong experience, we have come to the deep conviction that only a good character guarantees enduring success, in good times and bad.
The most critical competitive advantage of any organization is its leadership. Hiring, promoting and developing the right senior executive team — and avoiding costly mistakes — have never been more important. 

But too often, companies make these tough decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and undependable information. 

This service offered to CEOs and board members is to assess senior executives upon their fit for advancement, best fit in an organisation or to give guidance and coaching when it is necessary to do so. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Corporations usually have a whole armada of coaches and experts to find the right executive, whereas a candidate is left to his own devices. 

This does not need to be like that.  Here, we work with an executive to get ready for the next step.  

As a result, we often act as a catalyst to help leaders enhance or rethink their personal talent and job strategy.  

What we work here is:
  • Personal executive development
  • Executive Coaching on a 1:1 base
  • CEO transition-in
  • Prepare and consult on an individual base during difficult times
  • Work with you strategic shifts or reorganization
  • Work with you your personal change

Practice Areas

  • Information Technology and Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Sales Leadership 
  • Service Management 
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Communications

This section is designed for applicants to make work with vonGammCom Global a pleasant experience and a one-stop shop for their questions. 

They will find everything from how to find the vonGammCom Global Institute for Change, how to reimburse expenses, what questions will be asked, what should they ask and also what they should bring and expect.