vonGammCom Global Corporate Values:  Modesty - Bescheidenheit

  • Modesty: vonGammCom team members are modest. We know that we are consultants and trusted advisors, however we understand that our clients usually take the risk - and thus the implication of success - rewards - or failure - pain. What we as vonGammCom differentiates is the fact that we clearly stand towards supporting our clients to become more successful and make results more tangible for our clients. 

  • Artist: Thomas  Z d y c h,  2013, technique: watercolor and ink, 25x25 cm in 40x40 cm frame with ash wood

  • "Key aspect of the picture is that even if somebody makes great things, the core - especially in advisory services - stays the client. Because the client ultimately is the arbiter of success and failure and assumes the risk."

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